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Palm jaggery Peanut chikki (நட்டு சக்கரை கடலை மிட்டாய்)

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This is a Vegetarian product. Shelf Life: 6 Months Material Feature: Vegetarian Type of Container: Pack Package Contents:1Packs of Namo Palm Jaggery Peanut Chikki, 100 grams each Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place

Product Variant
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Peanuts and Palm Jaggery Chikki

Nutrition Description

This is a Vegetarian product

  • Shelf Life: 6 Months
  • Material Feature: Vegetarian
  • Type of Container: Pack
  • Package Contents: 1 pack of Namo Palm Jaggery Peanut Chikki,
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place

Why Namo Candy?

When we started the company in 2014, we faced the same problem as that of the other manufacturing companies while pricing the product. Yes, since Chikki is being manufactured in every small town of India, the only point in selling Chikki is obviously the price factor. In other products, a manufacturer fixes the MRP of the product by calculating its production cost, marketing cost, distributor margin, wholesaler margin, and finally retailer margin. Whereas in Chikki, the retailer fixes the MRP in most of the cases, reasoning out that Chikki is already being sold at a very cheap price in the market. So they expect the newcomers to sell their products at a cheaper price than the one available in their store. Due to this compulsion, most of the Chikki Manufacturers in the market adapt the adulteration process to sell Chikkis at a competitive cheaper price. We were also pushed to the same scenario.

That is the time we had two options: One is to adapt the adulteration process like most of the Chikki manufacturers. Another is to believe in the customers. And that is the moment, we decided to stand by our customers.

With the ingredients at your home

While most of the FMCG products today rely on commercial ingredients and artificial flavoring agents, we Namo Candy are proud that we're making stuff out of ingredients available at your kitchen.

What makes Namo Candy special?

No liquid glucose.

We do not use corn starch and any chemical content in our product for flavoring or increasing the longevity of the product. Namo candies are purely natural, the only flavoring we use here is dried ginger and cardamom powder.

No chalk powder.

Whaaaaat? Most of you will be shocked to hear this. Candy manufacturers use chalk powder, the one that is used in tire vulcanization process, to remove the candies easily from the wooden plates, once the cutting process is done. Here chalk powder acts as the base layer to prevent the candies from sticking to the plates. And also it helps to cool the Chikki from 320°c to 150°c in just 5 minutes. It reduces manufacturing time and increases the volume manufactured per day. Terrible isn't it? Now you understand the reason behind the white powdery layer on top of the Chikki. Do you know when we surveyed on what people think about this white layer on top of Chikki, we were also shocked to know that many people believed that the Chikki with the chalk powder layer is fresh. So, we realized that it is our duty to educate our customers.

Why we don't need acidity regulators?

Many snack manufacturers use citric acid to extend the shelf life of their products. This citric acid creates acidity in humans. So they use acidity regulators to fight back acidity. We, Namo Candy, avoid citric acid and acidity regulators as well since our product shelf life is dependent only on the aluminum foil packaging.

What makes us to sell across the world?

Packaging is the first impression that we give a customer. Since Chikki market is a competitive market, packaging is the least thing that other manufacturers bother about. Even retailers believe that see through packaging of Chikki is the main reason behind the fast sales of the products. Due of this belief, the expiry of the products is attained only through artificial ingredients called as preservatives. We wanted to change this mindset of the retailers and also the customers. We believe in good packaging that is capable of extending the expiry of our product. We decided to pack our products in Aluminum Foil Material and that is the only thing we rely on for extending the expiry of our Chikkis and Candies. And this helps us better to sell our products at global markets.

We love to be creative

We don't want to be just a Chikki manufacturer.

We also love to take part in your special occasions.

We love to take personalized orders for festivals, marriages birthdays and parties.


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