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Jala lingam(ஜல லிங்கம்)


The "Jala Lingam" thought that the inexhaustible problems in the family, the enemy troubles, to quit the opposition, to break free from the forces of evil, Water the lingam in one of the brass bowl, copper bowl and earthen vessel Put a pinch of turmeric powder on the jig lingam and burn incense. Worshiped daily Spray the water daily at home, at the door and at the door. Spray the water everywhere at least once a week. Drink water that can be a daily lingam. Worshiping is our flaws, marriage ban, The planetary doses and the stratospheres, each one of them, will go away. Then when we are fully satisfied (after the obstacles are overcome) there is an explosion on the Jingle lingam and we have to change the water daily and worship the lingam which comes out of the explosion and then the small lingam. Take that broken top and put it in the water and put it in a well, a river, a pond or a lake.

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Use for pooja

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