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Mosquito net

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Measuring 8 x 6 ft, mosquito net is designed intelligently to match even king size and larger beds. This simple mosquito net features piping stitching on the top and has smaller holes that prevent penetration of bugs or mosquitoes besides allowing ample space for movement and room for air. With such a net attached to your bed, you can enjoy peaceful sleep whole night. It is undeniably a chemical free and safe solution for your home. Even after repeated use and wash, this mosquito net retains its quality. Ideal for everyday wear and tear, these are totally shrink resistant and so you can put all your shrinkage-related worries to rest. Say good bye to pesky insects and mosquito coil smoke.

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The mosquito net is designed for your bed to keep mosquito out.The netting has no doors, so there is no way that the mosquitoes can sneak through. If you want to get in, you lift the netting and duck in. The netting then drops to the floor. You can also t

Nutrition Description

Product type : Ploycotton Fabrics 

Dimension :  8 * 6

Colour : Pink , Blue 

wash : Clean in cold water and easy drying 

Weight : 0.420 


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