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Natural organic Green Camphor


HIGH GRADE CAMPHOR:The Camphor Flakes are 100% PURE , Which extracted directly from Organic Camphor Trees. It can be used in Temple Teertha, Sweets and various Dishes which gives Good Taste and also Preserves long time Reduces Stress, Mouth Freshener, Skin care, Boosts immunity, prevents hair loss, Aromic scent. All natural. Contains no Chemicals or preservatives. Repels ants, insects, cockroaches, bed bugs Use it with coconut oil/rose water for beauty, skin care, pain reliever, disinfectant balm. Making a green camphor powder paste with water and applying it works wonders for face / skin and hair DIFFUSER COMPATIBLE: Whatever it may be Electrical / Manual diffuser it suits all types and does not left any residue, and quickly spreads its excellent Camphor Fragrance in entire room avoids bad odour and generates Refreshing Atmosphere like Temple that lasts entire day

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Natural organic Green Camphor