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Original Tirunelveli Halwa


We Procure Freshly from Tirunelveli and ship after we get order. so it is fresh and self life is 30 days.Tirunelveli Halwa recipe might be one of the most sorted recipes for sweet lovers from Tamil Nadu. Tirunelveli halwa earned its own delicious taste and specialty by its difference in making and use of Thamirabharani river water. This Ghee Halwa is made of pure ghee without any usage of Data. The proper traditional way of making and quality raw materials brings out the real taste of Halwa 25 days without refrigerating.

“No Gluten, No Artificial flavors or coloring, No Additives or Preservatives”

Ingredients: Wheat (Godhumai), Sugar (Sarkarai), Cardamom Powder (Aelakkai), Ghee (Nei)

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