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Manathakkali vathal


  • Solanum Nigrum is a perfect medicine for spleen diseases also. The anti-bacterial properties of Solanum Nigrum kill the bacteria in the body that causes illness and diseases. The plant works on your body to improve the immune system and fight with microorganisms. The herb plant strengthens spleen muscles and calms down the stomach ulcer. Black nightshade leaves, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, a pinch of salt with gingerly oil can reduce the body heat.
  • Seeds of Solanum fruits provide good night sleep and relax the muscles and offer relief from tiredness. The seeds are dried in the air, powdered, and mixed with a cup of milk. Have this mixture at night before going to bed.Tuberculosis patients can add Solanum in their daily diet.
  • Manathakkali consumption offers better relief from sore, muscle pain, back pain, stiffness in the waist, and gout. Black nightshade is also helpful in curing rheumatism and all its symptoms. In Nigeria, they use black nightshade as a herbal to treat uric acid and rheumatism.

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